additive learners: sneakier split

Build additive sequence of predictive models (ensemble) Final prediction is accumulated over many models. Start with initial predictive model Compute residuals from current t Build model for residuals Repeat Implication: Use simple model at each step Weak learner: ‘stump’ (one split), few splits

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Combining psychological and social perspectives and using mixed methods, this 4-year longitudinal study examined the EFL learning and self-identity development of about 1,000 students from 5 universities in Beijing, China. The self-designed questionnaire, administered 5 times during the 4 years, consisted of 7 identity categories of identity changes: positive self-confidence, negative self.

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A benefit of the gradient boosting framework is that a new boosting algorithm does not have to be derived for each loss function that may want to be used, instead, it is a generic enough framework that any differentiable loss function can be used. 2. Weak Learner. Decision trees are used as the weak learner in gradient boosting.

At the same time, learners ‘ values and communication styles underwent some productive and additive changes. Sex, college major, and starting age for English learning had significant effects on certain types of self-identity change.

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With additive change, the 912 group scored higher than the 1315 group. With identity split, the above 16 group scored higher than groups of lower starting ages. Descriptors: Bilingualism , English (Second Language) , Foreign Countries , College Students , Gender Differences , Self Concept , Self Esteem , Attitude Change , Second Language Learning

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