Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht?

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 · A source speaking to the site The Stern Facts stated that recent purchases from Kolfage indicated that he was using the money for inappropriate purchases instead of building the wall, including buying a yacht and booking private air flights. The Stern Facts also reported on a response from Kolfage, who denied any wrongdoing.

You’d have to ask them for specifics. However as a founder who sold one company and took two public I can say the short answer is probably "because they can". If you are a first time founder with 90%+ of your net worth in one, illiquid, tech inv.

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Underground gangs of Chinese ‘brushers’ are bombarding British households with cheap goods they did not order in order to boost the. than £1,000-a-month from the business, according to the Wall.

A source close to the Florida man who raised over $22 million on GoFundMe in the "We The People Will Build the Wall" campaign just revealed today in their opinion money may be diverted to pay for a ‘million dollar’ yacht and high-flying lifestyle.

Brian Kolfage, 37, was severely wounded in a 2004 rocket attack in Iraq; He helped. The Wall' founder, Brian Kolfage, bought a yacht with the GoFundMe money.. But with doubt growing over the use of the money raised one person replied:. GoFundme gave them a chance to get their money back but:

The co-founder enters the garage. He puts a plate with cookies on the table, smiles, and goes back upstairs. I do not remember how we got there, but Yousef says a lot of people in tech startup culture.

And they might have noticed that one thing the hedge fund mogul did not say is whether he actually lost money off his investments. it would disrupt his plans to use the assets securing his debt -.

If the guy did buy a yacht with the GoFundMe donations, he obviously had his escape planned out from the start. The only question is, does he sail to the Cayman Islands (or another tax dodging haven) for the rest of the money? I can’t wait until his benefactors see the wall he builds around his newly purchased expat compound. 5

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