Few Mandatory Florida Foreclosure Mediations Succeed

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It’s Time We Talked Mandatory Mediation in the Foreclosure Process. with some counties in Florida and california registering 10-fold increases over levels at the beginning of the crisis two.

A foreclosure paralegal is a paralegal who works in the area of foreclosure and housing law. Foreclosure paralegals work for attorneys who help clients facing foreclosure on their homes, which is a process through which banks that hold mortgages on homes.

Read on to learn more about how foreclosure mediation usually works and how you might be able to benefit from the process. Foreclosure Mediation Overview. Foreclosure mediation is a process that sometimes helps homeowners keep their homes after they’ve fallen behind in their mortgage payments.

A Florida supreme court appointed committee recommended that the state-wide mandatory foreclosure mediation program be abandoned and replaced, if at all, on a circuit by circuit basis. I do not believe the problem is with mediation; instead, the mediation process is being used to accomplish objectives that are fundamentally at odds with the very idea of mediation.

the Servicing Guide, Part VII, Chapter 6: Foreclosure Prevention Alternatives, and as updated by subsequent announcements. Clarification of the Mandatory Pre-filing Mediation Policy for Mortgage Loans in Florida . Announcement SVC-2010-13, Mandatory Pre-filing Mediation.

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