Florida Leads Nation in Mortgage Fraud

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The founder and former president of DocX, once one of the nation's largest. entered a guilty plea in federal court in Florida and a plea agreement in state court in. Ms. Brown's guilty pleas will lead to a prison term of at least two years, Many of the documents, like assignments of mortgages and affidavits.

California leads the nation in complaints about mortgage fraud. “It is a rising problem, with more and more people every day calling to say they have been scammed,” says Eileen Fitzgerald.

Florida has held the lead on the index, which tracks such activity as indictments and guilty pleas in criminal and civil cases, since the first quarter of this year.Florida retained its top ranking in the nation for mortgage fraud litigation through September as millions of dollars in bad boom-time loans continue to be discovered by law enforcement and lenders.

Florida is No. 1 in the sun on fraud, ID theft Florida’s got it all: Sun. Sand. Identity theft on a massive scale that puts the rest of the country in the shade. Florida leads the nation in both fraud and identify theft complaints per resident, the Federal Trade Commission says today .

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Wyatt Green, the owner of Storm Restoration Specialists, LLC, or Storm RS, was arrested in April by insurance fraud investigators with Florida Chief financial officer. purchased online with the.

Authorities say Florida leads the nation in identity theft complaints at 178 for every 100,000 residents. Miami U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer says the fraud is spreading in Florida like a virus.

The report also found the level of tax fraud in Florida prisons higher than in any other state." We decided to take a closer look at Nelson’s claim — does Florida lead the nation in prisoners filing.

Miami, Florida, with its beautiful beaches and mild weather, draws in. According to Coffey, prison sentences are relatively rare for bank/mortgage fraud cases and Airan's.. can sometimes cause blind spots that lead to unethical decisions.. Gilpin previously worked at Hearst Media, one of the nation's.

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Insurance money from a sham car. But the big money is in a trio of major fraud trends: Medicare, mortgage and identity theft-tax refunds. By almost any measure, South Florida is the nation’s.