Missing Mortgage Payments But Staying In Homes

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We often get asked, "I missed a mortgage payment. What happens now?" While missing a mortgage payment is serious, you do have options. Here’s some advice about what to do next. If you don’t want to read the entire post, the core of my advice is this: Contact your lender immediately.

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Selling the home may also be an option when you are behind on mortgage payments and cannot get caught up. A lot of homeowners in the situation will use the short sale strategy, which means the lender allows them to sell the home for less than what they owe on the mortgage, in order to sell it quickly.

http://www.refinancemortgagenow.net/blog/2011/02/04/skipping-mortgage-payments-but-staying-in-their-homes/ This takes some gall! About 36,000 borrowers state.

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably believe that one missed mortgage payment won’t have a noticeable impact on your fico score. people get behind now and then, and besides, you’ve been faithfully making payments on time for years.

How you got there isn’t the issue. So you’ve missed a mortgage payment (or two – or a few). After you’ve missed a payment, figuring out what to do next, like fixing your credit, is what you need to focus on. But first, let’s talk about what happens when you miss a payment. Traditionally, mortgage payments are due on the first of each.

Mortgage servicers provide information about your payment history to credit reporting companies, including whether you’ve been late with a payment or missed any payments. Even one late payment lowers your credit score, which affects whether you can get a loan in the future – and what your interest rate will be.

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