Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news

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Senator Barack Obama in Super Tuesday address. supporters: "Our time has come, our movement is real and change is coming to America.. 03:52 : New York : Hillary Clinton tells supporters: "After seven years of a president who listened. Political analyst rick klein tells abc news it would be another.

Christie endorsed trump prior to the Super Tuesday primaries and. Please, sir, may I have another?" "I mean, he really is a sad, desperate little potato back there .. SNL's cold open also hit Hillary Clinton for "bringing 10 people and 1. president trump: We're Not Ready To Make A Deal With China.

Hillary’s post-Super Tuesday victory lap. American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, a close Clinton ally and one of her legions of introducers on Wednesday.. coming out of.

Excerpt: The "Super Tuesday" primaries may be a turning point for America – and quite possibly a turn for the worse. After seven long years of domestic disasters and increasing international dangers, the next President of the United States will need extraordinary wisdom, maturity, depth of knowledge and personal character to rescue America .

And not only did Hillary Clinton dominate the day across the country and win.Read more . Super Tuesday Voter Turnout Depressing for Democrats March 2, 2016. The other thing to take heart from Super Tuesday is that Jeb Bush got only one half of one percent of the Republican vote. True.

Hillary Clinton’s long-expected presidential campaign launch came over the weekend. Despite the recent scandals over her Chappaqua-based personal email server, and the renewed hostility of the press toward her tight-lipped and hostile political machine, Clinton has to be considered the most likely successor to President Obama.

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The chaos and drama of Super Tuesday ended with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton striding closer to their goal Independent news email. Only the best news in your inbox. Supporters of Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who came to her rally in costume as Republican "We are going to send the message that the party of Lincoln and Reagan and the presidency of the United.

Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday, notching seven victories — four more than his closest competitor — in states from Georgia to Massachusetts on a day that marked a turning point in his quest for the White House.