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It is a lucrative career, and basically, a job is guaranteed upon completion of training. Recently graduated stenographers typically start with salaries in the low $40,000s, but can eventually make upward of $150,000. Since most stenographers are independent contractors, their income is based on how much work the reporter actually logs in.

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Who else is going to transcribe what happens at a deposition or court proceeding? The stenographers at most depositions I have attended use a combination of a stenographic typing machine and recording. They use software to produce a transcript i.

What’s the difference and what are their roles? One role that is often overlooked in a hearing or trial is the court reporter or stenographer (sometimes called a transcriptionist). Perhaps you’ve watched a trial on TV or been in a courtroom and seen someone "typing" on a small machine offRead the Rest.

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Why do we still use stenographers? Explained. With all the new voice to text technology that is out there these days I can’t help but think this job is becoming outdated. Edit: if I’m not mistaken court sessions are videotaped as well. 20 comments. share.

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[#103728] Switzerland, 100 Franken, 1920, KM #6d, 1920-08-01, EF(40-45), 3J. There seems to be a little issue happening in our courts. Court reporters are seeing a stenographer shortage coming in the very near future.